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Imperial Distributors since 1985

Imperial Distributors established in 1985 providing high quality fruit base mixes for frozen margarita’s, smoothies,daiquiri’s and slush drinks. Imperial Mix is made from the freshest fruit puree and fruit juice to make a refreshingly delightful tropical cocktail, enjoyed with or without alcohol.

Fruit Flavored Drink Mix

We offer a premium brand made with real fruit non-alcoholic cocktail mixes. Mix up your own frozen drink margarita or smoothie with a blender or frozen drink machine with these delicious mixes.

Frozen Drink Promotions

Companies we've worked with

Red Lobster
Raspberry Daiquiri's

Chi Chi's
flavor of the month-15yrs

Kiwi Banana

Carnival Cruise
Electric Blue Raspberry

Red Robin
Mad Mixology - Electric Blue Raspberry

Ron Rico Rum
Wildberry Daiquiri

Margarita Mix Flavors

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