185,000. That’s how many margaritas Americans drink per hour every day, according to the mega spirits and wine corporation Brown-Forman. In a recent Nielsen study, it’s also Americans’ go-to cocktail with 60 percent claiming it as their favorite tipple.

And let’s face it —although not the most exotic choice on the menu, the drink’s perfect sour, salty, bitter, and sweet ratio (four of the five flavor profiles we can identify) is extremely satisfying. More importantly, the drink—no matter in what form, be it on the rocks or frozen —says, “good times are in my future.”

The Margarita also crosses social and economic divides. For example, you can serve it on almost any occasion, be it at the beach or a black-tie affair, as an instant crowd-pleaser.

Perhaps that’s why there are 5.2 million #margarita tags on Instagram -people love to love their Margarita. And hey, what other cocktail has its own song (Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville) touting its ability to induce blissed-out vacation vibes?

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Drink in History: The Margarita

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